Volunteers Around the World Are Taking the Elderly On Rickshaw Rides in Nature

Volunteers are helping older individuals restricted to wheel seats and walkers “feel invigorated once more” by taking them on bike visits to their preferred spots

A global system of volunteers are helping the old escape the nursing home and into nature on the facade of their bicycles.

“Cycling Without Age” organizer Ole Kassow of Copenhagen, Denmark got the thought when he gone by an elderly person sitting on a recreation center seat on his bicycle ride to work every morning.

“I bet he would like to ride a bike,” he said in a Ted Talk.

So he appeared at the nursing home with a leased rickshaw and asked who needed a ride. Following 60 minutes in length ride along a promenade with an older lady, Kassow felt he’d time traveled with her, tuning in to tales about how she’d hung tight for friends and family to land there after the war.

A couple of days after the fact, Kassow got a call from the nursing home saying the various inhabitants needed rides as well.

So he began offering them in his extra time.

“I made lots of unlikely friends,” he said.

After the city found out about his experiences, they got him 5 rickshaws, to be positioned at 5 nursing homes. Kassow enlisted companions to volunteer for a test ride.

After their first gathering ride was pitched on the BBC, 30 additional volunteers joined.

Before long, the thought spread to different urban communities and around the globe. There are presently 10,000 volunteer rickshaw “pilots” in 1,100 section areas around the globe.

“People who hadn’t been talking for years started talking again,” Kassow said. “People suffering from dementia would lose their aggression and have lifted spirits after their bike rides. Blind residents enjoyed smelling the flowers, hearing the birds and feeling the wind in their hair.”

“I haven’t been on vacation in 15 years and this is the best holiday I’ve ever had,” a 90-year-old woman told him after a long group ride.

“When we grow old, we lose the stories of our lives and the witnesses to them,” Kassow said.

“Cycling Without Age” offers the older a chance to recount to those accounts, make new companions, and improve their psychological wellness.

“One of our young volunteers literally got himself a new set of grandparents by giving rides to a couple that had been together 70 years,” Kassow said.

“It’s the most enjoyable volunteer work I’ve done,” a Dutch volunteer named Marian tells BrightVibes.com

“What’s more, we’ve never wound up in a discard together,” says one of her customary travelers, Mevruuw Venema in a video.

Marian went on bicycle rides with her mom until she was 92 or 93. “At that point she turned out to be excessively old, so we got her a wheelchair bike.”

At the point when her mom passed away, she thought “there must be different mothers or fathers who might love this.” Sure enough, there were.

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