SuperTrees being built in the U.K.

Three 7.5m high metal tree sculptures will provide a visual and eco focus in the city of Chester

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The £200,000 initiative is the brainchild of eco-hero Steve Hughes in conjuction with the Chester city council and Chester Zoo. It aims to replicate that of the supertrees found in Singapore – albeit on a smaller scale.

Once built, the environmental supertrees will light up the night sky and contain climbing plants that will soak up carbon emissions, and attract birds and insects.

Via Cheshire Live

Steve, chairman of ForEST, said: “The inspiration for the Chester Supertrees project came from the Planet Earth II documentary Sir David Attenborough did.

“In the final episode it shows the success of Supertrees Grove in Singapore’s nature park. It shows the species and ecosystems that exist within cities across the world, but finishes with the Gardens by the Bay project, where the supertrees are located.

“They create an environment for a variety of plant life that would not normally exist in a city. Chester’s are on a much smaller scale but still aim to achieve the same environmental goals and social inspiration as they have done in Singapore.”

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Supertrees in Singapore. Via Gardens by the Bay

The supertrees will also take on the added feature of providing education to those in the community and surrounding areas, funded and maintained by Chester Zoo and ForEST to a high standard for years to come.

Would you like to see supertrees built in your city?

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