“Bee Saviour” Card Rescues Hungry and Tired Honeybees

Bees can often find themselves running out of energy in urban areas, where they become exhausted searching for nectar in the concrete jungle.

An English inventor has designed an ingenious little device that can act as a lifeline for exhausted honeybees – and you can keep it tucked right next to your credit card.

Credit: Bee Saviour Behaviour

40-year-old Dan Harris designed the Bee Savior Cards in order to ensure that anyone can save hungry honeybees this summer simply by using the contents of their wallet.

Unwanted cards are embossed to incorporate three small wells, each of which contains a sugar solution that can be fed to ailing bees. The pouches are covered with a peelable, foil-backed paper sticker. Bee Saviour cards fit into wallets and can be sent back to Bee Saviour Behaviour to be refilled.

“Urban environments are often changing, and bees run out of fuel very quickly,” said Dan Harris, founder of Bee Saviour Behaviour. “It is common for them to come unstuck.”

Credit: Bee Saviour Behaviour

Dan hopes they will spark a wider conversation about the issues facing pollinators, whose numbers are dwindling due to a range of factors, including habitat loss, climate change and the use of insecticides.

“The card in many ways is the start of the journey,” Harris said. “We want to use it as a seed to plant curiosity in people and help them understand that there are simple things they can do to promote biodiversity, which is the bigger picture.”

Which is something that the general public have taken on board. A crowdfunding campaign to fund the production of the Bee Saviour cards raised more than £27,000 in May. “It blew my mind,” said Harris. “We didn’t expect to have so many supporters in so many cities.”

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