This Company Creates Nature’s Best Backyard Pest Control

Bats on brick
Source: BatBnB

As winters get warmer and wetter, harmful insects and mosquitoes are thriving. We need to take advantage of natural pest control solutions rather than become reliant on harmful chemicals. Bats eat up to 1000 mosquito sized pests an hour and are one of the planet’s greatest natural forms of pest control. They’re also increasingly endangered and in need of our help.

One solution for bats, as it is for people, is a high quality, affordable tiny house like the

Co-founders Harrison and Chris. Source: BatBnB

Benefits of BatBnB

How it works

“Bats are critical. They keep the vast numbers of pests and insects in check, pollinate flowers, and carry seeds for critically important plants. Bats also safeguard our health by reducing demands for toxic pesticides—one of our planet’s most serious, but too often ignored, health threats.”

Consider buying a BatBnB today so you can keep your family safer from harmful pests, offer bats a comfortable and stylish home to raise their pups, and educate friends and family on this valuable animal. 

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