As more and more people voice their concern against animal use in circuses, circuses are getting rid of these animals. Many countries and states are passing laws against the use of animals in circuses. In 2018, New Jersey passed a strict law that banned traveling circus animals. Even the UK passed aRead More →

SOUTHWEST ATLANTIC HUMPBACK WHALE POPULATION ALMOST FULLY RECOVERED A key population of humpback whales is in recovery after it was pushed to the brink of extinction by centuries of human exploitation, according to a new study. Western South Atlantic humpbacks were reduced to a few hundred individuals in the 1950s,Read More →

Elon Musk Donated One Million Trees Earlier this week, Tesla founder Elon Musk heard about a YouTuber’s tree-planting campaign. Jimmy Donaldson, known as “MrBeast,” started the initiative that he called #TeamTrees. After calling the effort “cool,” the SpaceX entrepreneur stated that he would donate “1M trees.”  The campaign began onRead More →