Fifteen zero waste tips Tip 1: Tour your local landfill. Tours are often free and will take school groups, too. Your consumption habits will be forever changed. Tip 2: Use a hankie and blow off facial tissue. Always wash your hands after blowing your nose Tip 3: Choose reusable produce bags insteadRead More →

Sustainable eating is an important way to benefit the earth and your health but what to make? This list of 20 sustainable eating cookbooks from Food Tank reflect a growing and transforming food system. From local and sustainable to delicious and creative, these 20 sustainable eating cookbooks include dishes andRead More →

Looking for more ways to incorporate an eco-friendly lifestyle into your daily routine? How about when it comes to keeping those pearly whites nice and clean? Maybe it’s time to think twice about the long list of ingredients in your toothpaste and make the switch to a greener alternative. Here is a guide of some of the best and worst eco-friendly toothpaste options, as well as a step-by-step guide for your transition.Read More →