Costa Rican President says his countrymen must make changes ‘in our minds but also in our actions’ Costa Rica is set to ban the import and sale of polystyrene due to environmental concerns over the packaging material. Signed into law earlier this week, it will come into effect in 2021, the same year theRead More →

When an engaged couple are excitedly planning their wedding, there can be thousands of ideas bouncing around in their brains, and to-do lists the length of a leg. One important question that has risen to the forefront in recent years, is ‘how do we create a beautiful wedding that doesn’t harm the environment?’ We have gathered some tips and ideas on how to plan a wedding that is eco-friendly. Read More →

A little something about me My name is Jeff and I’m a kiwi (from New Zealand). I grew up in both New Zealand and Hong Kong and have always loved and appreciated the beauty in both places. Surprisingly, Hong Kong is so much more than a “concrete jungle”, and hasRead More →